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Practical Information

  • Do you have questions about what courses you should take next semester or what the course requirements for writing your thesis are? Contact one of the student counsellors.

  • Would you like to interrupt or withdraw from your studies? Contact one of the student counsellors.

  • Would you like to have credits transferred?  Contact one of the student counsellors.

  • Do you have problems with registration on some of your courses? Contact the student administrator Kerstin Rogdahl  ( for courses in mathematics and numerical analysis. For courses in mathematical statistics, contact Susann Nordqvist ( 

  •  Have you experienced that course literature, staff or teaching methods are discriminatory in any way (gender, ethnicity, etc.)? Or do you have a problem related to your working environment or psychosocial health? Contact MURs health and safety officer at

  • Do you have problems with a specific course or have you experienced other problems within your education? Do you have some general questions for example about your time in Lund or what the Mathematics student council MUR really is? Contact their chairperson at

  •   Do you need help dealing with a problem that has not been mentioned above or are you unsure of whom to contact? Reach out to the chairperson of the Science Student Union LUNA (sv. Lunds naturvetarkår) at and/or They will help you or redirect you to the right person if necessary.

  • Would you like to know about your rights and responsibilities as a student? Check out the List of rights (sv. Rättighetslistan). Further information can be found at  


Director of Studies


Anna-Maria Persson

Tel: +46 (0)46-222 85 39

room 457 A

Mathematical Statistics

Magnus Wiktorsson

Tel: +46 (0)46-222 86 25

room 130

Student Counsellors


Kjell Elfström

Tel:+46 (0)46-222 85 41

room 420

Mathematical Statistics

Magnus Wiktorsson

Tel:+46- (0)46-222 86 25

room 130

Numerical Analysis

Claus Führer

Tel:+46-(0)46-222 96 37

room 529

Student Administration

Mathematics, Numerical Analysis

Malin Ejlerskov

Tel: +46-(0)46-222 43 95

room 456

Mathematical Statistics