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Application for Courses, Spring 2022

Owing to the flexible structure of the programme, students must apply for the courses they wish to study each semester. The application is done via (the Swedish version of Programme students are guaranteed admission to courses given by the Faculty of Science as long as the specific admission requirements are fulfilled and the application is submitted in time. 

The application deadline is 15 October 2021 for the upcoming spring semester. It is important that you submit your application in time! All courses will be closed for application after the deadline and may or may not be reopened for late applications before the start of the semester.

All applicants will receive a first notification of selection results on 9 December. It is extremely important to reply to this notification and accept or decline the offered study place by 17 December. Applicants who do not reply by this date will lose any places (accepted or on the waiting list) that they have been offered. The second notification of selection results will be communicated on 22 December.

Information meeting

An information meeting regarding course selection will be held on Wednesday 6 October at 15:15-17:00, via Zoom. Students can join the meeting on the link:

We will present the course offerings in mathematics, mathematical statistics, numerical analysis and some other relevant subjects outside the mathematical disciplines given in the spring semester of 2022. 

Contact the student counsellor or the director of studies if you need assistance with your application. Instructions for non-Swedish speakers on how to apply at can be found  here: Instructions how to apply.

Autumn Semester 2021

The autumn semester 2021 starts officially on Monday 30 August and ends on Sunday 16 January 2022. No classes are scheduled during the winter holidays, that is from 23 December 2021 to 6 January 2022.

Regarding admission

Courses and programmes starting in the autumn semester have been open for applications on and/or its Swedish counterpart, in two admission rounds. 

Some of the courses in mathematics, numerical analysis and mathematical statistics at the Faculty of Science will be opened for late applications a couple of weeks before their starting date. All late applicants will be placed on the waiting list in chronological order. Applicants placed on the admission's waiting list will receive a decision regarding admission after the introductory meetings.

Course Information

Teaching in the autumn 2021 will be carried out both digitally and on university premises. On-campus teaching is to follow the Swedish Public Health Agency’s rules, general guidelines and recommendations, see more information below.

Information about introductory meetings and course schedules can be found at TimeEdit-webb. For instructions on how to use TimeEdit see the Schedule link in the left menu.

Course websites for all courses in mathematics and numerical analysis at the Faculty of Science will be available in the new learning platform Canvas.

The literature lists for all courses offered in the autumn can be found below:

Teaching in the autumn 2021 in the light of the Corona situation

In order to ensure a safe study and working environment for students and employees, we are making decisions on a continuous basis, based on current recommendations from the responsible authorities. The information below will therefore be updated continuously.

Teaching to take place both digitally and on campus

Teaching will be carried out both digitally and on university premises. A gradual return to teaching and assessment on campus will begin on 17 August and is to be completed by 1 November 2021.

On-campus teaching is to follow the Swedish Public Health Agency’s rules, general guidelines and recommendations. Physical gatherings should include as few people as possible.

Prioritisation of teaching and assessment on campus

The following components and student groups are to be prioritised (in no particular order) when it comes to teaching and assessment on campus.

  • Assessments which cannot be conducted digitally or only with great difficulty.

  • Teaching sessions featuring practical and laboratory elements.

  • Education for international students whose residence permits depend on their education largely being provided on site, to the extent possible in compliance with the University’s decision on adaptations and in appropriately small groups after a risk assessment. Introduction of recently arrived international students can take place on site provided the University’s decisions are applied.

  • New students commencing their studies in the 2021 autumn semester, and students who started during the 2020 spring semester, the 2020 autumn semester and the 2021 spring semester, and who have mainly been taught online.

  • The Public Health Agency recommends that students who find it difficult to study at home or have special needs for some other reason should be prioritised for teaching on site in campus premises.

Risk assessments will be carried out for every course

A risk assessment on the risk of spread of infection of Covid-19 will be carried out for every course offered at the Faculty of Science. Further information about how your courses will be conducted is to be published on the course websites.