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Math Students' Day 2016

Welcome to Math Students' Day 11 May 2016

Career choices! Meet and greet teachers, PhD-students, former maths-students and people working within trade and industry. Listen to lectures in pure mathematics, mathematical statistics and numerical analysis. Spend time with your friends at MC and get to know new ones! Listen to the panel discussion and take the chance to contribute!

Math Students' Day is arranged by the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Science Faculty and MUR, The Mathematics Education Council.

Lunch and coffee/snacks are for free. Dinner at night is cooked by MUR and the prize is the actual cost.


We need your registration for the Math Students' Day before 5 May at 12.00

Register for the Math Students' Day here


TimeSpeaker and Title
09.45-10.00Coffee and mingle
10.00-10.30Welcome to Math Students' Day 2016

Erik Wahlén "Calculus of Variations - the Search for an Optimal Function"

11.15-11.45Study Abroad, Kristina Miolin, Sigmundur Gudmundsson
11.45-12.00Tien Truong "My 3.91 Years as a Mathematics Student at the Faculty of Science"

Teo Nilsson "Mathematics, Economics and Water Waves, What Else Should You Study?”

13.15-13.45Dragi Anevski "The mathematics of a neutron beam - mathematical modelling of the energy distribution of a neutron beam at ESS"
13.45-14.00Sebastian Wolsing "The Life as a Statistics Student"
14.00-14.20Lukas Schoug "From Lund to KTH”
14.20-14.45Coffee and snack
14.45-15.15Sebastian Åberg "Mathing up the Stock Market"
15.20-15.40Hanna Wu "Group Market and Counterparty Credit Risk, Nordea"
15.45-16.00Lea Miko Versbach " Applying Mathematical Methods to Optimize the Pasteurization Process of Beer - my Experiences in Writing the Master’s Thesis in Cooperation with a Company"
16.00-16.20Claus Führer "Freedom and Constraints - a Challenge for Those who Like Simulation, Computation and Maths"
16.45-17.30Panel Discussion, moderator Jan-Fredrik Olsen

Participants: Hanna Wu, Carmen Arevalo, Dragi Anevski, Marcus Carlsson, Johanna Helldén, Adem Vin Limz, Orvar Lorimer-Olsson, Klara Courteaut, Frida Ekström



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