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Upcoming seminars

Bio-modelling seminar by Ullrika Sahlin: Challenges in estimating honey bee winter loss in Sweden

2018-05-16, kl. 09:15 - 10:00, MH:Sigma

Ullrika Sahlin from the Centre for Environmental and Climate Research will talk about Challenges in estimating honey bee winter loss in Sweden.

In Sweden, data on honey bee losses are currently collected by voluntary reporting in two channels: summary statistics from different regions in Sweden collected by the Swedish beekeeping organisation and information on losses for individual beekeepers from the annual COLOSS survey. I propose a spatial-temporal statistical model for winter loss analysis considering these data sources which will allow me to evaluate bias, temporal and spatial variability in loss. This is part of an ongoing evaluation with the goal to give recommendations for how to improve data collection and analyses of honey bee winter loss in Sweden. 

All are welcome!

Fika will be served.