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Library after hours

Emplyees at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences can check out and return books even when the library staff is not available:

Checking out books
Take a photo copy of your pass (LU) card and a copy of the bar code on the back of the book. Put the photocopy in the blue box at the library desk.

Alternative instructions for checking out books: If there is no bar code on the book, write down the books ISBN-number, title and author. If there is no ISBN-number, write down the year for publication.

Returning books
Put the book in the blue box at the library desk.

Borrowing journals from the basement
You can check out and return journals from the basement by using borrowing slips.

Checking out a journal
Make two copies of the borrowing slip by using the carbon paper in the note pad. Write the journals title, number and year. Write your own name and the date for the loan. Please write clearly, especially your name. Put the slip in the plastic cover and put it where you took the issue/volume. Put the carbon copy of the slip in the grey box.

Returning a journal
Take the borrowing slip from the shelf when you put the journal where it was before you checked it out. Write a line over the borrowing slip with a pen and put the slip in the left box in the grey box.

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