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Past seminars


2019-05-16 "Nonlinear hydroelastic waves under an ice cover", Emilian Parau, University of East Anglia 
2019-03-26, Solitary waves in dispersive evolution equations of Whitham type with nonlinearities of mild regularity, Fredrik Hildrum, NTNU
2019-02-19, Global bifurcation of rotating vortex patches, Miles Wheeler, University of Vienna
2019-02-12, Convexity of Whitham's wave of extreme form, Bruno Vergara, ICMAT


2018-12-18, Enhanced lifespan for solutions of the fractional BBM equation, Dag Nilsson, NTNU
2018-12-11, Parabolic nonstandard growth problems, André H. Erhardt, University of Oslo
2018-12-04, Three-dimensional steady water waves with vorticity, Evgeniy Lokharu, Lund
2018-11-06, "The Cahn-Hilliard equation - Construction of a periodic solution", Alexia Papalazarou, Lund University
2018-10-30, "Ghostpeakons and characteristic curves for the Camassa-Holm equation", Budor Shuaib, Linköping University
2018-05-31, "Invasion pattern fronts near the edge of the homoclinic snake", David Lloyd, University of Surrey
2018-05-31, "On the local well-posedness for a full-dispersion Boussinesq system with surface tension", Didier Pilod, University of Bergen
2018-04-24, "Domain decomposition integrators for nonlinear parabolic equations", Eskil Hansen, Lund
2018-04-10, "Perturbations of embedded eigenvalues for a magnetic Schrödinger equation", Sara Maad Sasane, Lund
2018-03-14, "A Hardy-Lieb-Thirring inequality for fractional Pauli operators", Søren Fournais, Aarhus University
2018-01-16, "Spectral invariance of non-smooth pseudodifferential operators", Christine Pfeuffer, Regensburg


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