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Mandatory assignments

Mandatory assignments in addition to exams

For more information about which compulsory parts apply to your course, see the course websites.

The following courses include mandatory assignments that must be completed before the exam:

  • FMAB45 Calculus in One Variable A1
  • FMAB50 Calculus in One Variable A2
  • FMAB60 Calculus in One Variable A3
  • FMAB65 Calculus in One Variable B1
  • FMAB70 Calculus in One Variable B2
  • FMAF01 Mathematics - Analytic Functions
  • FMAF05 Mathematics - Systems and Transforms

For the following courses it is okay to partake in the written exam without first having finished the mandatory assignments:

  • FMAB30 Calculus in several variables
  • FMAF10 Applied Mathematics - Linear systems
  • FMAN55 Applied Mathematics

More information and, if any, files etc. can be found on the website for the latest course round.

Completion of madatory assignments


The quizzes are open 8-14th of August

Contact expedition@math.lth or as soon as possible if you need to retake the quizzes. Clearly state which quizzes, who you are (name/social security number and program).

Quizzes that you passed during the academic year 2021/22 do not need to be redone. Quizzes from the previous academic year must be redone (unless all the quizzes are already finished).


Completion of assignments are submitted as assignments on a special Canvas-pages. Submissions can be made up to and including 15th of August. Contact or to gain access to the Canvas page.

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