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The mathematics education council

MUR is the mathematics student council, also called Matematiker utan randvillkor (Mathematicians without boundary conditions).

We are students studying mathematics, and are here to improve every aspect of a mathematics student’s life. This means we make sure the courses you take are of good quality, that you study in a safe and equal environment, and no less important, feel welcome. There is no registration, everyone is a member during their studies in mathematics.

MUR is a link between students and the Mathematics department. This means that we’re the place to go to if you have any grievances related to your studies. We have people elected to deal with specific areas of representation – education, health and safety, corporate relations, equality, and union parliament. As a maths student you too can join us on the more active side of things! Simply stop by the MUR Room (MH:144), and talk to someone about what each position entails.

Besides all of this, MUR aims to improve the social aspects of a maths student’s life. We deal with everything from inspirational lectures and alumnus presentation days to free Thursday Fika, sittnings, barbecues and many other events where we cooperate with other student councils in LUNA – Lund’s Science Student Union.

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Contact us

MUR - steering comittee

Chair person: Anton Palets

Vice - chair: August Nygren

Secretary: Marina Panicheva

Education responsible: Rebecca Lütz

Gender and Equality: Erica Ahl

Email to