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Mathematics, Science Faculty

The section Mathematics, Science Faculty (Matematik NF)  emerged from the original Department of
Mathematics at the University of Lund, essentially built up by Marcel
together with the two brilliant followers Lars Gårding and Lars Hörmander.

Their contributions to Partial  Differential Equations  and Complex Analysis are fundamental and received great recognition world-wide, for example, Lars Hörmander has been awarded the Fields Medal in 1962 and the Leroy P Steele Prize in 2006.

The section  follows this glorious tradition in pure mathematics. Besides excellence in research in Partial Differential equations, we  have developed other areas within Mathematical Analysis, such as Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis and Operator Theory, as well as Differential Geometry and Algebra. Consequently, both research and education are mainly directed towards pure mathematics.

We offer high-quality Bachelor and Master programs, as well as teachers education in cooperation with the sections of Mathematical Statistics and Numerical Analysis.


Erik Wahlén, , Head of Division
046-222 81 43

Anna-Maria Persson, Director of Studies
046-222 85 39

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