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Students admitted to the Bachelor´s Programme in Mathematics prior to autumn 2015 are required to study according to the structure below.

Note that all courses marked with * have been replaced by corresponding courses with other course codes. The updated list of courses is available in the left menu.

Compulsory courses, 52.5 credits 

MATA14*Analysis 115
MATA15*Algebra 115
MATB11*Linear Algebra7.5 
MATB15*Analysis in Several Variables15 

Alternative-compulsory courses, 52.5 credits 

Courses comprising 52.5 credits should be elected among the following courses (or corresponding):


MATB13*Discrete Mathematics7.5 
MATB16*Linear Analysis7.5 
MATC12Ordinary Differential Equations 17.5 
MATM11*Algebraic Structures7.5 
MATM12Analytic Functions15  
MATM15*Number Theory7.5 

Mathematical Statistics

MASA01*Mathematical statistics, basic course15 
MASC01Probability Theory7.5 
MASC02Inference Theory7.5 
MASC03*Markov Processes7.5 
MASC04*Stationary Stochastic Processes7.5 
MASC05Design of Experiments7.5 

Numerical Analysis

NUMA22*Computational Tools in Mathematics7.5 
NUMA11*Numerical Linear Algebra7.5 
NUMA12*Numerical Approximation7.5 

Elective courses, 60 credits 

Courses comprising at least 30 credits in a subject other than mathematics, mathematical statistics and numerical analysis shall be included in the programme, while the remaining 30 credits are completely optional. Students are recommended to read more courses within the mathematical disciplines and focus on a direction of interest as a preparation for the Bachelor´s thesis.

Bachelor's Degree Project, 15 credits

Depending on courses chosen earlier in the programme, one may write the degree project in mathematics, statistics or numerical analysis: 

The course requirements for each course are specified in the official syllabi.

Recommended study path: 

Here you can find an overview of the courses/modules in the recommended order.