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PhD seminars in mathematics are back! The aim of the talks is to bring math PhDs together and give them an opportunity to practice holding presentations.

When? Every second Thursday 15:15-16:00.

Upcoming talks:

Spring 2022:

- 03/03 - Jaime Manríquez, Crash course in finite element methods. MH:227 (You can find the slides and the Matlab code here)

- 17/03 - Alex Bergman, Boundary values of power series. MH:228

- 31/03 - Martin Ahrnbom, Camera calibration and 2D-3D mapping for safer traffic and saving lives and stuff.MH:227

- 21/04 - Frej Dahlin, Binary Image Representation using Complex Rational Functions. MH:227

- 05/05 - Axel Berg, Time difference of arrival estimation using neuronal networks. MH:227

- 19/05 - Felix Augustsson, Synchronization in the Kuramoto model. MH:227

- 16/06 - Samuele Sottile, Inverse resonance problem for Love elastic waves. MH:227


Magnus Fries


Johannes Kasimir 


Germán Miranda


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