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Master's Degree Project

The studies within the master's programme conclude with a degree project in mathematics or numerical analysis. The degree projects are set up as courses comprising 30 higher education credits and from the autumn semester of 2020 they have the following course codes:

(The corresponding old course codes are MATM01 or NUMM11.)

The aim of the degree project is that the student through an independent project should show knowledge understanding, competence, skills, ability, judgement and approach in accordance with the requirements for obtaining a Degree of Master of Science in mathematics. The degree project shall be specialised and show that the student can apply mathematical methodology.

The content and execution of the thesis are planned in consultation with a supervisor. The thesis consists of an independent smaller research or development assignment based on current research. It can either relate to current projects at the department or to issues within the subject area at companies or other institutions within or outside the university. If the work is performed outside the department, there should also be a supervisor at the department.


The degree project courses are advertised on before each semester and they are only given to students admitted to the master's programme in mathematics at our department. The degree project is usually done at full study pace during the last semester of the program, but you can also conduct the degree project at half-time in parallel with other relevant courses during the last year within the programme. In the latter case, for optimal planning, contact the study director already during the second semester of the programme.


Admission to the degree project requires a bachelor's degree in mathematics or equivalent and English B / 6.
In addition, the degree project in mathematics requires knowledge of equivalent courses at advanced level in pure mathematics comprising at least 45 credits.

For the degree project in numerical analysis, courses are required at the advanced level in the mathematical disciplines comprising 45 credits, of which at least 22.5 credits in numerical analysis including the course NUMN20 Numerical Methods for Differential Equations, 7.5 credits or equivalent.

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