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Written Examinations in Mathematics, Faculty of Science

Extra Resit Examinations, August 2024

Students who wish to participate in a reexamination on one or several of the courses

  • MATC12 Ordinary Differential Equations 1
  • MATM12 Analytic Functions
  • MATM13/MATM33 Differential Geometry
  • MATM15/MATM35 Number Theory
  • MATM16/MATM36 Topology
  • MATM19/MATM39 Integration Theory
  • MATM27/MATM37 Ordinary Differential Equations 2
  • MATM30 Mathematical Foundations of Probability
  • MATM41 Galois Theory
  • MATP11/MATP33 Distribution Theory
  • MATP15/MATP35 Linear Functional Analysis

should notify our study administrators, by sending an e-mail to before 10 June. The e-mail should contain your name, personal identification number and the course name. The notification is binding.
The resit examinations will be scheduled during the period 15 - 29 August. We try to avoid collisions with other resit examinations that have already been scheduled, so you should specify whether you intend to participate in other examinations during this period. The exact date as well as time and location for the individual examinations will be posted in the TimeEdit-schedule on 20 June at the latest.

Please note that:

  • You only have to notify us by 10 June if you wish to take a resit examination in August in the above listed courses.
  • To participate in other resit examinations already scheduled in August, it is enough to sign up via Ladok at latest one week before the examination date.
  • In order to participate in the examination you must have been enrolled in the course.

Registration for Written Examinations

Ordinary written examinations and resit examinations at the Department of Mathematics at Faculty of Science are anonymised. This implies that students are required to register for scheduled written examinations via the Student Portal

Note that in order to be able to register for the examination you must be or have been enrolled on the course. 

You will be assigned an anonymised assessment code, visible to the lecturer marking the examination and used when reporting your results. Note that you will be given the code at the examination by the invigilator.

Registration open for two weeks

The registration for written examinations opens three weeks before the examination and is open fortwo weeks

If you missed the opportunity to register, contact the student administrator at the department. You might then be able to attend the written examination if there are places available, without an anonymmised code.

Procedure in brief

  • Register for the examination at the Student Portal.
  • Your anonymised assessment code is provided at the examination by the invigilator.
  • Write your anonymised assessment code and a personal identifier on each submitted sheet.
  • The examination will be marked anonymously.

Students with special needs

Candidates entitled to special arrangements for their examinations should, in addition to the registration, get in touch with the Student Office on the fourth floor at least two weeks before the examination. This must be done prior to each written examination they intend to sit including re-sits. They will then be informed about where and when the examination will be held and for how long.

Study Administrator

Malin Ejlerskov
+46 46 222 43 95
Room 456

Resit examinations for inactive courses

If you want to take a resit examination for a course that is not actively given anymore please contact the director of studies.

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