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Instructions regarding course application within the programme

Programme students are automatically admitted to their first-semester courses within the programme. After the first semester all students must apply to the courses they wish to study the upcoming semesters within the programme.

The courses are open for applications during pre-defined admission rounds at (the Swedish version of

Courses given in an autumn semester are open for applications in the spring, during 15 March-15 April.

Courses given in a spring semester are open for applications in the autumn, during 15 September-15 October.

The courses given in the upcoming autumn semester for students already enrolled on the programme are open for applications from 15 March to 15 April 2024.

To apply for admission to courses within the programme at select Log in at the top of the page. In the Log-in window, under ‟Are you already a student?”, select Lund University in the drop-down menu, then click on Go to student portal. You will need your student account and your password.

If you have lost your user identity or your password, you can get a new one on Log in with your personal identity number and your password for You can also get a temporary code from the Student Reception at the University, which you can use to create a new password. In addition, you can contact the LU Service Desk by phone on 046-222 90 00 on weekdays between 08:00 and 17:00 or online at luservicedesk.service-

If you need a new password for, please contact about this. Note that the LU Service Desk cannot respond to questions concerning admissions.

It is important that you submit your application in good time! There may be many applicants trying to access the admission system close to deadline. All courses will be closed for applications after the deadline and may or may not be reopened for late applications before the start of the semester. If you intend to write your Bachelor's thesis next semester contact the director of studies before the application deadline. 

When you apply, use the options marked as ‟Course within programme” on to get the courses included in your programme. As a programme student you should prioritise your options within the programme at the top of the list. In this way you do not risk having unnecessary gaps in your programme studies. If your courses DO NOT appear within the Bachelor of Science programme despite you having logged in as a programme student, you must immediately contact your Study Adviser so that the problem can be addressed. This only applies to courses within the Bachelor of Science programme and not to courses from other faculties or universities.

You can apply for admission to courses within the programme as long as you have been registered for less than the programme’s scope in credits (180 credits for a Bachelor’s degree).

Please note that what is essential is not how many credits you have earned, but how many credits you have been registered for within the programme. If you apply to courses within the programme and it turns out that you are already registered for the number of credits corresponding to your programme, your application will be transferred to a free-standing course, if possible.

Please note that certain courses are only announced for programme students (e.g. degree project courses) and you must be logged in as a student for these courses to appear as options on

You will receive a notification of selection results, to which you must reply, otherwise you will lose your course places. You can find the date of the notification of selection results and the deadline for replying on

If you have not received your notification of admission to the upcoming autumn semester courses by 11 July you are to call 0771-550 720, so that you are able to respond in time.

Students admitted to the Bachelor’s Programme in Mathematics have a guaranteed place on the compulsory and alternatively compulsory courses within the programme, provided that the entry requirements are fulfiled, that the application was submitted in time, within the programme, and that they confirm attendance by replying to the notification of admission.

You may receive a conditional admission offer for a course for which you are not eligible. At the latest by the start of the course, you must be able to show that you meet the entry requirements. As for all admissions, lower prioritised alternative options will automatically be cancelled. If you wish to register for a course for which you are not eligible at the time of registration, you should contact your study adviser and find out about the possibilities of exemption from entry requirements, in case you do not meet them.