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Mathematics Education

The research in mathematics education at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences at Lund University is primarily focused on issues relevant for mathematics education at university level and to the education and training of mathematics teachers.

Jan-Fredrik Olsen is a docent in mathematics and PhD student in mathematics education. His main research focus, besides his research in mathematical analysis, is how the use of programming influences research and teaching practices of mathematicians at the university level, and how institutional change for enacting curricular changes can be achieved. This work is a collaboration with researchers at CCSE at the University of Oslo (UiO) and at Oregon State University. Jan-Fredrik is also part of an Erasmus+ program (Computational Thinking makes sense of Mathematics) which aims at investigating the need for, and producing, materials to promote the use of programming in undergraduate mathematics education. This project is a collaboration between Lund University, Ruhr-Universitaet in Bochum, Germany, NTNU and UiO in Norway, DTU and Aalborg University in Denmark.

Kristina Juter is a professor in mathematics education. Her research interests include students', especially mathematics pre-service teachers’, conceptual perceptions in different areas of mathematics, particularly related to calculus. She is also studying the role of mathematics in other subjects, for example mathematics in physics teaching at upper secondary school from teachers’ and per-service teachers’ perspectives. Part of this work is in collaboration with colleagues at the physics department at Lund University and at Uppsala University. Other areas of interest are pupils’ communication about mathematics in group work regarding algebra, arithmetics and digital games, use of theories in pre-service mathematics teachers’ theses, pre-service mathematics teachers’ views on pupils with high ability in mathematics, and fiction in teaching and learning science and mathematics (the last two in cooperation with Kristianstad University).

Linda Hartman is a senior lecturer in mathematical statistics. She is interested in implementing and evaluating active learning strategies in mathematics and mathematical statistics teaching. She has, together with Jan-Fredrik Olsen and Sara Maad Sasane, been part of a research project about flipped classrooms.
Link to project about flipped classrooms.  (Text in Swedish)

To support development and implementation of mathematics- and mathematics statistics teaching at the department we run a pedagogical seminar, and a mathematics education research paper club.

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