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Exchange studies Waterloo

Exchange studies at University of Waterloo

University of Waterloo Canada, is one of our oldest partner universities. Our university-wide exchange agreement has been established for more than 20 years ago and lead to many fruitful collaborations and study experiences.

The university is well-known for its Faculty of Mathematics, which is the biggest in Canada with 240 full-time professors, more than 8000 students and 500 courses in mathematics, statistics and computer science.

Broad range of courses

The Faculty of Mathematics University of Waterloo offers an exceptionally wide range of courses in different areas of mathematics, statistics and computer science. Full-time studies correspond to 2.5 credits which is the equivalent of 30 higher education credits in Sweden. Most courses comprise 0.5 credits, hence your application should contain five selected courses per semester.

The list of courses is available on the following links:

Contact Anna-Maria Persson, Director of Studies, for further information about the courses.

More about Waterloo

Waterloo region is a student friendly place with lots of restaurants, music stores, shops, cafés and cinemas. In an hour you can reach Toronto by bus or fly to New York. Living cost is about the same as in Sweden.


Anna-Maria Persson
Director of Studies
Centre for Mathematical Sciences

Kristina Miolin
International Coordinator
Faculty of Science

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