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At the Centre for Mathematical Sciences we offer:

  • a Bachelor's programme in Mathematics at the Faculty of Science. This includes even courses in mathematical statistics and Numerical Analysis
  • a Master's programme in Mathematics with two specialisations, Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, at the Faculty of Science
  • a Master's programme in Mathematical Statistics at the Faculty of Science
  • courses in mathematics for future teachers at upper-secondary schools
  • Courses in mathematics, numerical analysis and mathematical statistics within the engineering programmes at LTH (at Bachelor’s and Master’s level).  Some of these are included in international Master’s programmes at LTH. The engineering programme with most compulsory courses at our department is Technical Mathematics.
  • Independent courses - most of the courses at Bachelor's and Master's level at the Faculty of Science can also be taken as independent courses
  •  PhD courses.

Students' rights and guidelines

Your rights and responsibilities as a student towards the University and your department are governed by university policies and national laws and regulations.


Anna-Maria Persson

Director of Studies

Kjell Elfström

Study Adviser

Magnus Wiktorsson

Director of Studies/Study Adviser

Johan Lindström

Director of Studies/Study Adviser

Anders Holst

Director of Studies

Claus Führer

Study Adviser

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