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Master's programme Mathematical Statistics

The Master´s programme in Mathematical Statistics provides a broad spectrum of tools and methods for handling random phenomena occurring in scientific as well as industrial contexts. Within the programme you can specialise in many different areas for different purposes. In this programme you take at least 45 ECTS credits in mathematical statistics at Master s level, and write a Master´s thesis of 30 ECTS credits. You can choose to take the remaining (at most) 45 ECTS course credits in mathematics or numerical analysis. You can also choose to take courses in other subjects such as computer science, or, if you are aiming for a career in a specific applied field, courses in that field. Examples include courses in economics, molecular biology and bioinformatics. If you intend to proceed to a PhD you should take courses with a high degree of theory content, while if you are aiming for a career outside academia you should take courses that cover a wide range of statistical models and methods.

Career prospects

With a Master of Science in Mathematical Statistics you have great opportunities to form an exciting career in, for example, the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology companies or the banking and finance sector. Statistical methods are also of great importance for logistics, quality assurance and development in industry, and organisations within the public sector. According to CareerCast, Data Scientist and Statistician are the  best  and third best jobs in the 2021:s rating.

Director of studies

Magnus Wiktorsson
Tel:+46 (0)46 222 86 25

Study administrator

Susann Nordqvist
+46 46 222 85 50
Room 221

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