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Computer Vision and Machine Learning

We are the Division of Computer Vision and Machine Learning at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences (Math-CVML). Computer vision is a field of computer science and artificial intelligence with the aim of enabling computers to process, analyze and understand digital images. Similarly to the human vision system, the computer has to ‘learn’ how to accomplish this. Machine learning is the field of building mathematical methods that allows machines to learn how to complete certain tasks. In recent years, advancements in computational power and availability of data has led to an acceleration of research and development within this field with a wide range of applications that are today used every day. Examples are self-driving cars, augmented reality and cancer diagnosis from medical images. 

The aim of our research is to be a part of this development by building mathematical methods to address various problems arising within in this field. More concretly, our research can roughly be divided into localization, positioning and mapping, medical image analysis, machine learning methods and optimization. We are frequently collaborating with academic partners, industry and society at large.

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