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Numerical Analysis specialisation - Course requirements

Course requirements from the autumn semester 2020, updated 2022

To obtain a master's degree in mathematics with specialisation in numerical analysis, the following course requirements apply from the autumn semester 2020. Click on the course title for further information about the course:

Compulsory courses 15 credits

Alternative-compulsory courses 30 credits

Elective courses 45 credits

The elective courses comprise 45 credits, of which at least 15 credits must be additional courses in mathematics, numerical analysis and mathematical statistics. A maximum of 30 credits may be courses at the basic level. The department has a wide range of courses in mathematical statistics and there is also a large range of relevant courses in applied mathematics that are given by the department of mathematics at the Faculty of Engineering. Courses in mathematics and numerical analysis at upper-basic level that have not been included in the student's bachelor's degree can be included in this block. For example, the courses Computational Programming with Python (NUMA01, 7.5 credits) and Numerical Linear Algebra (NUMB11, 7.5 credits) are available.

Degree project 30 credits

Older course requirements

For students admitted to the programme before the autumn semester 2020, the following course requirements apply, see links below:

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