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Statistical Consulting

The Centre for Mathematical Sciences offers statistical consulting to all employees at Lund University. We can offer assistance both in terms of short meetings and participation in larger projects. All consulting starts with a short (about 30 minutes) meeting where we discuss how we can help you in your research.

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The unit is currently not funded and can therefore only offer very limited support

Preparatory questions

Main question
Can you formulate one main question or hypotheses without using the words ”and” or ”or”?

General questions

  • Are there any recommendations regarding the statistical analysis at your department? What does your scientific field require from your analyses and what would you like to achieve?What is your sample? How do you plan to collect data? / How did you collect data? Are there any sources of error that you can identify regarding data collection?
  • Which variables are included in your data material? Alternatively: which questions do you have an intention to ask?
  • How would you describe your knowledge in statistics

If you are planning a study
Most important if your questions are about sample size: Which conclusions do you wish to make?
Can you formulate a possible conclusion from your study? How large effect do you wish to be able to interpret as statistically significant?

If you are evaluating a data material that you already have
What have you tried to do yourself with your data? What was the result? And perhaps: Which
problems have arisen?


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Statistical consulting

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