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PDE Seminar: "On the local well-posedness for a full dispersion Boussinesq system with surface tension", Didier Pilod (University of Bergen)

Tid: 2018-05-31 15:30 till 16:15 Seminarium

We will prove local-in-time well-posedness for a fully dispersive Boussinesq system arising 
in the context of free surface water waves in two and three spatial dimensions.
Those systems can be seen as a weak nonlocal dispersive perturbation of the shallow-water system. 
Our method of proof relies on energy estimates and a compactness argument. 
However, due to the lack of symmetry of the nonlinear part, those traditional methods have to be supplemented
with the use of a modified energy in order to close the a priori estimates.

This talk is based on a joint work with Henrik Kalisch (University of Bergen)

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Tid: 2018-05-31 15:30 till 16:15


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