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WISE-WASP Lu eScience Hub fika-to-fika Event

Tid: 2024-09-04 10:00 till 15:30 Konferens

Registration for WASP-WISE LU eScience event on Sept. 4th

Dear WASP and WISE researchers at Lund,

WASP and WISE have just announced two new funding calls for joint projects. The aim of the joint calls is to initiate, expand and strengthen the collaboration between WASP and WISE (see attached pre-call information).

To help facilitate the development of possible joint project ideas/applications, the LU eScience Hub working together with WASP@LU and WISE@LU is arranging a fika-to-fika meeting in Lund on 4 September to introduce everyone to the new WASP and WISE joint project calls.

The meeting will include presentations of both WASP and WISE (including both the national picture and a description of local activity) together with presentations about the new calls. The schedule will also include time for breakout group discussions to help develop ideas for joint proposals.

All interested researchers at LU are welcome. 
One can register for the event by signing up at the link below:


Early registration is strongly encouraged.

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Tid: 2024-09-04 10:00 till 15:30


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