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Statistics Seminar, Márton Balázs, University of Bristol

Marton Balazs
Tid: 2023-06-09 13:00 till 14:00 Seminarium

Queues, stationarity, and stabilisation of last passage percolation (Joint work with Ofer Busani and Timo Seppäläinen)

(the seminar was postponed from an earlier date)

Take a point x on the 2-dimensional integer lattice and another one y North-East from the first. Now place independent identically distributed exponential weights on the vertices of the lattice; the last passage time between the two points is the maximal sum of these weights which can be collected by a path that takes North and East steps. The process of these weights as y varies is a difficult one, but, locally, has a nice asymptotic structure.

I'll explain what stationary queues have to do with this, and how this insight gives coalescence properties of the maximal-weight paths of last passage.

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Tid: 2023-06-09 13:00 till 14:00


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