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Mathematical Colloquium: Frank Giraldo (Naval Postgraduate School)

Tid: 2024-08-28 14:15 till 15:15 Seminarium

Title: Element-based Galerkin Methods in Atmospheric Modeling


 In this talk, I will present the role that element-based Galerkin (EBG) methods have had in atmospheric modeling. I will describe the experiences of my group and collaborators to remedy the identified weaknesses and emphasize the strengths. Among EBG methods, I will describe not only spectral element and discontinuous Galerkin methods, but also flux differencing which invariably must include a discussion on kinetic-energy-preserving and entropy-stable methods. This talk is motivated by my group and collaborators’ research in building operational weather prediction models as well as advancing the field for application in climate and space weather. A list of publications on these topics can be found at: https://frankgiraldo.wixsite.com/mysite/publications.

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Tid: 2024-08-28 14:15 till 15:15

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