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Analysis Seminar with Wilhelm Treschow, Lund University

Tid: 2023-05-30 13:15 till 14:15 Seminarium

Embedded eigenvalues for asymptotically periodic ODE systems

Speaker: Wilhelm Treschow, Lund University

Abstract: We investigate the persistence of embedded eigenvalues under perturbations of a certain self-adjoint Schrödinger-type differential operator in 𝐿2(ℝ;ℝ𝑛), with an asymptotically periodic potential. The studied perturbations are small and belong to a certain Banach space with a specified decay rate, in particular, a weighted space of continuous matrix valued functions. Our main result is that the set of perturbations for which the embedded eigenvalue persists forms a smooth manifold with a specified co-dimension. This is done using tools from Floquet theory, basic Banach space calculus, exponential dichotomies and their roughness properties, and Lyapunov-Schmidt reduction. A second result is provided, where under an extra assumption, it can be proved that the first result holds even when the space of perturbations is replaced by a much smaller space, as long as it contains a minimal subspace. In the end, as a way of showing that the investigated setting exists, a concrete example is presented. The example itself relates to a problem from quantum mechanics and represents a system of electrons in an infinite one-dimensional crystal.

The talk is based on joint work with Sara Maad Sasane.

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Tid: 2023-05-30 13:15 till 14:15


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