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Numerical Analysis Seminar: The virtual element method in solving PDEs

Tid: 2023-02-01 11:15 till 12:20 Seminarium

Samson Seifu, NTNU Trondheim (Norway) and Hawassa University (Etiopia). Title. The virtual element method - a special finite element approach to solve PDEs


The virtual element method (VEM) was developed as a generalization of the
mimetic finite difference and finite element methods, providing flexibility to
use meshes of arbitrary polygonal elements. In recent years it draws the
attention of quite a number scholars and has been applied in a wide variety
of problems.The versatility of the method has been showcased as it allows
us to cope with more general continuity requirements such as $C^r$ continuity
with $r 1$, H(curl)-conformity, H(div)-conformity to name few.
In this talk I will present some of the basic features of the VEM. I take
the Poisson’s equation in 2D with homogenous Dirichlet BC as a model to
illustrate the construction of the local virtual element space, local stiffness
matrix and local load vector.

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Tid: 2023-02-01 11:15 till 12:20

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