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Exchange Studies

As a student at the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science you have plenty of opportunities to gain international experience during your studies at Bachelor or Master level. For example, you can study for one or two semesters at one our our partner universities abroad, do an internship abroad or establish international contacts and networks right here in Lund. International experience can be very useful, not only in your future professional life but also for your personal development.

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Outgoing exchange

Study abroad for one or two semesters at one of our partner universities. If you normally receive funding from CSN, you will continue to do so during your exchange studies, and you will not need to pay additional tuition fees at the partner university.

Internships, courses and degree projects abroad

Certain programmes provide an opportunity for you to study courses that are entirely or partly based abroad. It might also be possible for you to conduct a part of your degree project in another country. If you wish to conduct field studies or do an internship abroad, there are special scholarships that you can apply for.

Summer courses abroad

There are plenty of summer courses all around the world that you can apply for.

Get involved right here in Lund

You can gain international experience and qualifications right here in Lund. For instance, you can become a mentor to international students or get involved in the activities at the various language cafes.

Erasmus Coordinators


Sigmundur Gudmundsson

tel. +46 - (0)46 - 222 85 61

Matematical Statistics

Magnus Wiktorsson

tel. +46- (0)46-222 86 25

Numerical Analysis

Philipp Birken

tel: +46-(0)46-222 31 65

International Coordinator, Faculty of Science

Kristina Miolin

tel. +46-(0)46-222 30 01