Lunds universitet

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PhD Theses

  • Sebastian Farås: Conservation Laws, Numerical Schemes and Control Strategies for Sedimentation and Wastewater Treatment, 2015. [Abstract]
  • Tony Stillfjord, Splitting schemes for nonlinear parabolic problems, 2015. [Abstract]
  • Klas Modin, Adaptive Geometric Numerical Integration of Mechanical Systems. Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, May 2009. [Abstract]
  • Jonas Englund, Singular Integral Equations: Applications to Elasticity and Numerical Solution. Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, June 2006. [Abstract]
  • Fredrik Svensson, Finite Volume Methods on Quadrilateral and Moving Meshes. Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, May 2006. [Abstract]
  • Robert Artebrant, Reconstruction techniques and Finite Volume Schemes for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws. Lund University, Faculty of Engineering, March 2006. [Abstract]
  • Eskil Hansen, Discretizations of nonlinear dissipative evolution equations. Order and convergence. Lund Institute of Technology, Dec 2005. [Abstract]
  • Jan Melin, Some Extensions of Poincaré-Bendixson Theory Applied to a Resonant Converter. Lund Univeristy, Faculty of Science, May 2005. [Abstract]
  • José Díaz López, Wavelet Galerkin methods for elastic multibody systems with unilateral contact constraints. Lund University, Faculty of Science, Sep 2004. [Abstract]
  • Lina Wang, Computational Stability and Adaptive Strategies--An Experimental Study of ODE Software. Lund University, Faculty of Science,  May 2003. [Abstract]
  • Anders Sjö, Analysis of Computational Algorithms for Linear Multistep Methods. Lund University, Faculty of Science, 1999,  [Abstract]
  • Hans Olsson, Runge-Kutta solution of initial value problems : methods, algorithms and implementation. Lund Institute of Technology, 1998. [Abstract]