Lunds universitet

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Licenciate Theses

  • Erik Henningssson, ...., Jan 2015
  • Dara Maghdid, The use of variation in an introductory course on scientific computing in two different teaching environments, May 2014
  • Christian Andersson, ...., October 2013
  • Klas Modin, Adaptive numerical integrators for dynamic multibody problems. Lund Institute of Technology,  May 2008.[Thesis]
  • Martin Bodestedt, Index Analysis of Coupled Systems in Circuit Simulation. Lund Institute of Technology,  Dec 2004.
  • José Díaz López, A study on wavelet semidiscretization of elastic multibody systems. Lund University, Faculty of Science,  Jan 2003.
  • Anders Sjö, Numerical Aspects in Contact Mechanics and Rolling Bearing Simulation.  Lund University,   Faculty of Science,  May 1996, [Abstract]
  • Hans Olsson, Practical implementation of Runge-Kutta methods for initial value problems, Lund Institute of Technology, 1999