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PDE Seminar: Parabolic nonstandard growth problems, André H. Erhardt, University of Oslo


Tid: 2018-12-11 14:00 till: 15:00

Parabolic problems are often motivated by physical aspects. In particular, evolutionary equations and systems can be used to model physical processes as heat conduction or diffusion processes.

In my talk I will present certain parabolic problem related to electro-rheological fluids. Such fluids are of high technological interest, because of their ability to change the mechanical properties under the influence of exterior electro-magnetic field. Many electro-rheological fluids are suspensions consisting of solid particles and a carrier oil. These suspensions change their material properties dramatically if they are exposed to an electric field. I will present the modelling of such fluids, the existence, uniqueness and stability of weak solutions to such problems as well as certain regularity theory.