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NA Seminar: Andre Erhardt (U Oslo), "Mathematical and computational physiology"


Tid: 2020-03-02 13:15 till: 15:00
Plats: MH:228
Kontakt: philipp [dot] birken [at] na [dot] lu [dot] se
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Nowadays, mathematical modelling and numerical simulations are essential to study and analyse real world problems and phenomena in life science. One major aim is the understanding of complex dynamics and behaviour of these systems. For this purpose, bifurcation theory has proven to be a very helpful and powerful tool in order to investigate dynamical systems and their (complex) dynamics.

In my talk I will present several aspects of my research in mathematical and computational cardiology and neuroscience. I will start with the modelling of such problems and continue with the mathematical analysis of cardiac single cells. Utilising (numerical) bifurcation analysis reveals that cardiac muscle cells may exhibit - beside normal action potential - complex pattern such as chaos or so-called early afterdepolarisation (EAD), which is a certain kind of cardiac arrhythmia. The understanding of the occurrence of such phenomena is highly important since the presence of EADs strongly correlates with the onset of dangerous cardiac arrhythmias and can lead to sudden cardiac death. Finally, I will discuss the synchronisation of single cells which is a crucial aspect regarding the occurrence of dangerous cardiac arrhythmias on tissue level.