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Basic Course in Numerical Analysis 2019 (FMNF10)


  • 12/8: The exam will be shown on the 20/8 between 13.15 and 14.00 in MH:333.
  • 20/5: Three old exams of the course are out. Two of the old exams will be solved during the lectures on 27/5 and 28/5. Solutions will not be posted, as you should try it on your own first. Feel free to send Eskil an e-mail, or come to the exercise hours 27/5, if you have questions. 
  • 6/5: Project 2 is out. Please read the instructions carefully. Hand-in: 20/5.
  • 30/4: All students are asked to check that they are registered for the course in Ladok. If you are not registered then send a mail to the Student administration as soon as possible!
  • 1/4: Project 1 is out. Please read the instructions carefully. Hand-in: 16/4.
  • 25/3: The course starts with lecture 8-10 in MH:Rieszsalen. Welcome!

Course responsible

Eskil Hansen, phone 046-222 9628, e-mail eskil.hansen (at)

Office hours: By appointment via mail in MH:446.

Teaching assistant

Alexia Papalazarou, e-mail alexia.papalazarou (at)

General course information

  • Course schedule can be found here.
  • As lecture hours and rooms may change, please consult LTH's TimeEdit.
  • The course syllabus can be found here.
  • The course book is Sauer, T: Numerical Analysis, 2:ed, Pearson Education, 2013 (and reprinted 20XX).


Preliminary Friday 5 June at 14-18.

Student administration