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introductory tutorial on Bayesian analysis

The tutorial takes place on 19 April 2017, the day before the Bayes@Lund conference. The tutorial is at 13.00-15.00 in auditorium MH:C, ground floor of Matematikcentrum, see this map.

Notice: we start at 13.00 sharp (NOT 13.15), so please be in the venue a few minutes before 13.00.



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The instructor is Dr. Rasmus Bååth (

This is a general introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis. The goal of the tutorial is for you to get an understanding of what Bayesian statistics is and why it is useful.

It is especially useful when one wants to build models that include information both from data and from domain specific knowledge. Some situations that are easily handled by Bayesian methods are multiple comparisons, optional stopping, and non-Normal data distributions. A Bayesian analysis also go hand in hand with decision analysis, that is, taking a statistical result and calculating the optimal decision given some utility function (say, monetary gain).

The first part of the tutorial will be a presentation, which will be accessible by most with a little statistics under the belt. This will be followed by a short hands-on exercise which requires that you bring a laptop with the R statistical environment installed. This exercise is optional, as it requires that you know your way around R, but it's totally fine to just come for the first part of the tutorial.