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Philipp Birken

Associate Professor for Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing

My research area is the design and analysis of numerical methods for time dependent nonlinear PDEs, particular those from computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and fluid structure interaction (FSI). Thereby, my research is motivated by applications, such as the simulation of fires in car tunnels, wind turbines or gas quenching in steel forging. 
The appearing problems are stiff, thus naturally leading to adaptive implicit time integration schemes and consequently the question of how to solve large nonlinear and linear equation systems efficiently. There, I consider both Newton-Krylov and Multigrid Methods. 



Sölvegatan 18

SE-22100 Lund

Room: MH: 562F

Phone: +46462223165

Mail: philipp.birken@na.lu.se

Sidansvarig:  | 2016-12-05