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Master-Bachelor Theses

    • Nadjmeh Abiri: A Set of Python /Cython Wrappers for Extrapolation Based Solvers for Differential Algebraic System, 2014 
    • Oscar Utterbäck: Developing a set of Fortran-to-Python Wrappers for Reinboldt's Package of DAE Solvers, 2014 (bachelor)
    • Simon Cöster: Interfacing Functional Mock-Up Units in Modelica, (co-operation with Johan Åkesson, Modelon AB), 2014
    • Toheed Ghandriz: An Algorithm for Structural Topology Optimization of Multibody Systems, 2014
    • Fatemeh Mohammadi: Runge-Kutta Starters for Multistep Methods to Simulate Systems with Discontinuities, 2013
    • Teo Nilsson: A simulation environment for coupled systems of discontinuous ODE:s, 2013 (bachelor)
    • Patrik Mejer: Tearing Systems of Differential Algebraic Equations (co-operation with Johan Åkesson, Modelon AB), 2011
    • Johan Ylikiiskilä: Improving Newton's Method for Intialization of Modelica Models, Lund Institute of Technology (co-operation with Johan Åkesson, Modelon AB), 2011
    • Robert Sjödell: MUSIL - A Python based Package for Multibody Simulations, Lund Institute of Technology, 2011
    • Daniel Papini: On shape control of cables under vertical static loads (co-operation with Dept. Mechanics, Per Lidström), Lund Institute of Technology, 2010
    • Christian Andersson: Assimulo - A new Python based class for simulation of complex hybrid DAEs and its integration in, (co-operation with Modelon AB, J. Åkesson), Lund Institute of Technology, 2010
    • Jens Rantil: Multiple Shooting Optimization with (co-operation with Modelon AB, J. Åkesson), Lund Institute of Technology, 2009
    • Carl Gribel: A study on multibody system simulation with contacts and its visualization, Lund Institute of Technology, 2009
    • Tony Stillfjord: Convergence Acceleration of a Poincaré Map Iteration to Find Periodic Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations Lund University, Faculty of Science, 2009
    • Christa Simon, Dennis Janka and Matthias Schuchardt: Numerical Treatment of Contact Problems in Solid Mechanics, Lund University, Faculty of Science, 2008(bachelor)
    • Nicolai Rehbein: Stability Analysis of the Newmark Method Applied to Differential Algebraic Equations, Lund University, Faculty of Science, 2008
    • Albin Johnsson: Implementation of Multi-rate Solvers for Ordinary Differential Equations Applied to the Euro 50 Telescope Model, (co-operation with Astronomicentrum, LU), Lund Institute of Technology, 2008
    • Marike Girod and Céline Pélissier: Walking for 0.59 seconds -- A FEM model and Simulation of a Prothesis. (co-operation with
      Skandinaviska Ortopedtekniska Laboratoriet), Lund University, Faculty of Science 2007 (bachelor)
    • Jacob Kroon: Vibration Analysis in Nonlinear Systems using Galerkins Method. (co-operation with DYNASIM AB, Lund) Lund Institute of Technology
    • Héctor Yela Reneses:  Cool: A computer animation of the human knee joint with OpenGL
    • Moa Leonhard:  An optimal NURBS approximation of a polygonial curve (together with Giorgos Nikoleris, Robotteknik, LTH)
    • Rickard Gustafsson:  Blade Geometry with NURBS surfaces (together with Rolls-Royce, Kristinehamn)
    • Hampus Jacobsson:  Newmark's method for roller bearing simulation  (together with SKF)
    • Joakim Roubert: Automatic Guidance of a Laparoscope Using Computer Vision (together with Techn. University of Catalania), 2002
    • Dara Maghdid:  Stability and Accuracy of Newmark's Method 
    • Mathias Persson:  A Biomechanical Model of the Human Knee Joint 
    • Anders Johansson:  Supercomputers and clusters. Benchmarking of two numerical algorithms. 
    • (Together with Martin Wahlén Department of Computer Science Lund University, 2002) 
    • Phillip Birken: An Investigation of a Piecewise Polynomial Formulation of Multistep Methods for Initial Value Problems.
    • Sava Iancovici: Modeling and Simulation of Roller Bearings with Elastic Components (together with SKF)
    • Gunnar Lindholm:  Efficient Computation of the Jacobian in Implicit DAE Solvers for Multibody Systems (together with DLR)
    • Mathias Ghebaru: Dynamisk simulering av dumper (together with BOFORS, 1998)
    • Van Tuan Tran: Stabilisierung von Ein- und Mehrschrittverfahren zur numerischen Lösung von Angfangswertaufgaben für gewöhnliche Differentialgleichungen mit Invarianten, Universität Frankfurt, 1992
    • Christian Schaller: Ein paralleles Extrapolationsverfahren zur numerischen Simulation von Mehrkörpersystemen, TU München 1991
    • Bernd Simeon: Homotopieverfahren zur Berechnung quasistationärer Lagen von Deskriptorformen in der Mechanik, TU München, 1988
    • Elisabeth Seitz: