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Peter Meisrimel

PhD. Student in Numerical Analysis


  1. P.  Meisrimel, P. Birken: On Goal Oriented Time Adaptivity using Local Error Estimates, PAMM, Proc. Appl. Math. Mech. 17, 849-850 (2017) pdf.
  2. Meisrimel, Peter, and Philipp Birken. "Waveform Iteration with asynchronous communication." PAMM 19.1 (2019): e201900410. pdf
  3. Meisrimel, Peter, and Philipp Birken. "Goal Oriented Time Adaptivity Using Local Error Estimates." Algorithms 13.5 (2020): 113. pdf
  4. Meisrimel, Peter, Azahar Monge, and Philipp Birken. "A time adaptive multirate Dirichlet-Neumann waveform relaxation method for heterogeneous coupled heat equations." submitted. arXiv preprint

Other contributions:

  1. FEniCs adapter for preCICE. Github

Github for codes related to above publications.







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