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Current teaching activities

Autumn 2022 - MATM35 Number Theory (LUCAT account required)

Past teaching activities

For a comprehensive list of my past teaching activities, please see my curriculum vitae.

Former students (University of Bonn)

Master students

  1. Martin Böhm, Cluster algebras and knot polynomials (Nov 2021)

  2. Jona Klemenc, The stable hull of exact infinity-categories (Aug 2020)

    arXiv preprint

  3. Calvin Pfeifer, Torsion classes and wide subcategories (Jan 2020)
    Afterwards: PhD position with Prof. Dr. Christof Geiss in Odense
    arXiv preprint

  4. Jan-Paul Lerch, Bijections in tau-tilting theory (Oct 2019)
    Afterwards: PhD position with Prof. Dr. Henning Krause in Bielefeld

  5. Aran Tattar, On Gorenstein k-categories (Apr 2018)
    Afterwards: PhD position with Prof. Dr. Sibylle Schroll in Leicester

Bachelor students

  1. Felix Anton Brandt, Decomposition theorems for persistence modules (Feb 2021)

  2. Tanja Helme, Cluster-Algebren und Kettenbrüche (Sep 2020)

  3. George Tyriard, A Morita-theoretic proof of the Dold-Kan correspondence (Sep 2020)

  4. Aaron Wild, Lurie’s differential graded nerve is a right Quillen functor (Sep 2020)

  5. Roman Höffken, Morita Theorie für Ringe und Kategorien (Jan 2020)

  6. Vincent Siebler, The derived category of a gentle algebra (Dec 2019)

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