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Notes, slides, etc.


Below are the notes/slides from some of my talks.

  1. Brackets, trees and the Borromean rings. Lund Mathematics Colloquium, Lund, Sweden (2022).
  2. The Donovan-Wemyss Conjecture via the Derived Auslander-Iyama Correspondence. Geometric Representation Theory Seminar at the YMSC, Beijing, China (2022).
  3. The Triangulated Auslander-Iyama Correspondence. Algebra Days in Paris in honor of Bernhard Keller, Paris, France (2022).
  4. The Triangulated Auslander–Iyama Correspondence. 28th Nordic Congress of Mathematicians, Helsinki, Finland (2022).
  5. The Triangulated Auslander–Iyama Correspondence, part I. Abel Symposium 2022, Ålesund, Norway (2022).
  6. La conjectura "optimista" de Lekili y Polishchuk. Coloquio Oaxaqueño de Matemáticas, Oaxaca, Mexico (2022).
  7. The Triangulated Auslander–Reiten Correspondence. Online Workshop on Higher Dimensional Homological Algebra, IPM-Isfahan, Iran (2022).
  8. Generalised BGP reflection functors. Workshop: Representation Theory of Alegbras and Sheaves, Bielefeld, Germany (2021).
  9. Homotopical algebra in exact (infinity-)categories. 2021 London Mathematical Society Northern Regional Meeting and Conference (A conference in celebration of the work of Bill Crawley-Boevey), Bielefeld, Germany (online event) (2021).
  10. The Waldhausen S-dot construction and the symplectic geometry of surfaces and their symmetric products. Opening Workshop (IRP Higher Homotopical Structures), CRM Barcelona, Spain (online event) (2021).
  11. Universal properties of derived categories, after Lurie. BIREP Seminar, Bielefeld, Germany (online talk) (2021).
  12. Deriving a theorem of Ladkani. Flash Talks in Representation Theory at NTNU, Trondheim, Norway (online event) (2021).
  13. Partially wrapped Fukaya categories of symmetric products of marked disks. Winter School: Connections between representation theory and geometry, Bonn, Germany (online event) (2020).
  14. Stable ∞-categories: localisations and recollements. ‘Two Weeks of Silting’ Summer School, Stuttgart, Germany (2019).
  15. Higher-dimensional Auslander algebras of type A and the higher-dimensional Waldhausen S-constructions. XVIII International Conference on Representations of Algebras (ICRA), Prague, Czech Republic (2018).
  16. τ-tilting reduction. XV International Conference on Representations of Algebras (ICRA), Bielefeld, Germany (2012).
  17. The extended affine Lie algebra associated with a connected non-negative unit form. XIV International Conference on Representations of Algebras (ICRA), Tokyo, Japan (2010).


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