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Carmen Arévalo har tilldelats Gyllene pekpinnen


Carmen Arévalo, docent i Numerisk analys har tilldelats utmärkelsen Gyllene Pekpinnen 2013 av studenterna vid Datatekniksektionen.

Motiveringen lyder:

As a student you have a wish list on what you expect from a teacher. A teacher speaks loudly and clearly. When she speaks, she speaks about the relevant topics. She is prepared and knows what the student struggles with - and she makes this struggle easier. She jokes and contributes to a pleasant atmosphere in the auditorium. She makes sure that everyone attending her lectures leave them with a smile on their faces. She conveys knowledge in a way that makes the student inspired. Most importantly, she responds to a student's question in a way that everyone who hears the answer... feels enlightened.

It's a long wish list. And as we all learned from our childhood: You never get EVERYTHING on your wish list. Only the privileged and the spoiled get everything on their wish list.

I speak for a lot of students when I say that I am spoiled. I am privileged, because my wish list is completely checked off.

Gyllene Pekpinnen delas ut av D-sektionen varje år och det är fritt för alla studenter vid D-sektionen att nominera lärare.