Seminar on Analysis, Geometry and PDEs - Eva Gallardo-Gutiérrez (Complutense University of Madrid)

Tid: 2022-05-24 10:15 till 11:15 Seminarium

Insights into the Invariant Subspace Problem for compact perturbations of normal operators

Speaker: Eva Gallardo-Gutiérrez (Complutense University of Madrid)

Abstract: Despite its simplicity, apparently one of the most difficult questions in the theory of invariant subspaces in separable, infinite dimensional complex Hilbert spaces is the problem of the existence of non-trivial closed invariant subspaces for a compact perturbation of a self-adjoint operator. The situation is still even hopeless if one considers compact perturbations of a bit broader class of operators, namely normal operators.

In this talk we will address this latter question and show recent improvements regarding it. (Based on joint works with Javier González-Doña).

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Tid: 2022-05-24 10:15 till 11:15


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