Louise Petrén day 2022

Flyer for the event with the Lund University logo, a picture of Louise Petrén and the text '' 2 June 2022, 10.50-16.30, Sölvegatan 18A, MH:H
Flyer for the event
Tid: 2022-06-02 10:50 till 16:30 Föreläsning

Louise Petrén was the first woman to earn a PhD degree in Mathematics in Sweden, and that she did at Lund University in 1911. Louise worked on partial differential equations, with a special interest in symmetry. She was not allowed to develop her potential further after her degree, as a woman could not obtain a position at Lund University at that time. Instead she became a part-time schoolteacher and actuary, and raised a family of four children. Today, at the 111th anniversary of Louise's dissertation, we wish to establish a new tradition at Lund University to honor Louise Petrén, namely a named lecture, and to host an event dedicated to her memory and to encourage mathematics students to pursue PhD studies. Louise Petrén's thesis is displayed outside the maths library on Floor 2 at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences.


Place: Hörmandersalen, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Lund

10:50 Welcome and Opening Address by the Head of Department, Anders Heyden

11:00 Talk by Lars Haikola, grandson of Louise Petrén

11:35 Recorded lecture about the mathematics of Louise Petrén by Inna Emelyanova

Please also see Inna Emelyanova's article on this topic which was published in the November issue 2020 of SMS Bulletinen (publication of the Swedish Mathematical Society). 

12:00 Lunch break. Sign up by following the link below.

13:45 Welcome address by Samuel Bengmark, chair of the Nationalkomittén för Matematik

14:00 Inaugural Louise Petrén lecture by Irina Pettersson, Gothenburg University. 

Title: From pure mathematics to new materials
Abstract: Starting from the 80s, scientists have been developing and studying metamaterials. These are modern materials that do not occur in nature, and whose properties are determined by their structure rather than their chemical composition. Surprisingly enough, some of such innovative materials have been designed mathematically, with properties described with formulas without measurements. We will look more closely on one such example and show how multiscale analysis can be applied to describe macroscopic material properties of composites.

15:00 Coffee break

15:30 Panel discussion with current PhD students in mathematics, moderated by students. Students are encouraged to ask questions and participate in the discussion.

Participants in the panel: Johanna Engman, Mathematics LTH / Computer Vision, Germán Miranda,  Mathematics LTH / Mathematical analysis, Frej Weiström Dahlin, Mathematics NF / Analysis, Måns Williamson, Mathematics LTH / Numerical Analysis, Shokoufa Zeinali, Mathematical Statistics.

Moderators: Amanda Axelsson and Justyna Dabrowska (Students in the Engineering and Science faculties, respectively).

The program ends at 16:30.

Organizers: Gabriele Brüll, Carina Geldhauser, Sara Maad Sasane, Germán Miranda, Hanne Nordqvist, Erik Wahlén 

Please register by filling in the form before 26 May, so that we can plan the amount of food. 


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Tid: 2022-06-02 10:50 till 16:30

Sölvegatan 18A, MH:H

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