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An Afternoon of Harmonic Analysis

Date: November 20, 2018 13:15 - 17:35

Place: Rum 332 B, 
Centre for Mathematical Sciences,
Sölvegatan 18A

TIME: 13.15 - 17.35

13.15-14.05 Elizabeth Strouse, Bordeaux University
Title: A Szegö Theorem for truncated Toeplitz operators
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14.15-15.05 Kangwei Li,  Basque Center of Applied Mathematics, Bilbao
Title: Extrapolation for multilinear Muckenhoupt class of weights and applications
In this talk, I will introduce our recent progress on extrapolation theory. In the linear case, the extrapolation theory is well understood. However, in the multilinear case, the extrapolation was only known for product $A_p$ weights. The multilinear $A_{\vec P}$ weight, which was introduced in 2009, no extrapolation theory was known before. In this talk, I will give a full solution to this problem. As applications, we can improve the weighted estimates for the bilinear Hilbert transform, the multilinear Marcinkiewicz-Zygmund inequality etc. This talk is based on joint work with José María Martell and Sheldy Ombrosi.

15.05-15.45 Coffee break

15.45-16.35 Emil Vuorinen, Lund University
Title: Commutators and Bloom type two-weight estimates.
Abstract: We consider commutators of various BMO functions and singular integrals, both in the one-parameter and bi-parameter settings.  We introduce different types of commutators and discuss various new results and proof methods, mainly in the so-called two-weight Bloom context.

16.45-17.35 Henri Martikkainen, Helsinki University
Title: Multi-parameter singular integrals: multilinear aspects and recent results
We give a relatively gentle introduction to singular integral operators in different settings: linear, multilinear, multi-parameter and multilinear+multi-parameter. The emphasis is on recent results concerning general bilinear bi-parameter singular integrals, modern viewpoints and proof methods.


18.15 Dinner