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Past seminars


2020-03-11 "Small-amplitude cellular patterns at a ferrofluid-fluid interface", Mark Groves, Universität des Saarlandes
2020-02-05 Gårding Prize Lecture: ""Hénon maps, ergodic theory and coexistence phenomena", Michael Benedicks (Uppsala/KTH)


2019-11-27 "Counting points in random lattices", Michael Björklund, Chalmers
2019-09-18 "Bifurcation theories for a model from nonlinear optics", Mariana Haragus, Université de Franche-Comté

2019-08-21 "Tales of Our Forefathers", Barry Simon, Caltech

2019-04-10 "The Theory of Chaos: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow", Yakov B. Pesin, Penn State University

2019-03-27 "Products of Random Matrices: Universality and Applications", Gernot Akemann, Bielefeld University

2019-03-06 "Classifying SL2-tilings with the Farey graph", Ian Short, Open University


2018-11-14 Elsa Ghandour, Université de Valenciennes
2018-11-07 Roman Bessonov, St. Petersburg State University and PDMI

2018-10-03 "New Methods in Effective Algebraic Geometry", Martin Helmer, University of Copenhagen
2018-08-19 "Uncertainty principle", Mishko Mitkovski, Clemson University
2018-06-13 "On stability and instability in Hamiltonian systems", Maria Saprykina, KTH
2018-05-09, "Reasoning in propositional logic using Gröbner bases", Jakob Nordström, KTH
2018-04-04, "Quantum Correlations, Tensor Norms and the Connes Embedding Problem", Magdalena Musat, University of Copenhagen
2018-02-28, "Small test function and large distribution spaces, and their images under the Bargmann transform", Joachim Toft, Linnéuniversitetet, Växjö