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Courses at postgraduate-level at Faculty of Engineering

Below is a list of postgraduate-level courses that are given or have been given at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences. Please contact the director of studies or the course responsible teacher for more information.

Postgraduate-level courses given at Centre for Mathematical Sciences LTH



Postgraduate-level courses from other universities:

Göteborg University

Distanskurs till hösten: ’Singular integral equations’, Kontakt: Andreas Rosén,


 KTH, Stockholm


Stockholm University


Umeå University   


 Linköping University


Örebro Universitet gives two courses:




Karlstad University offers

( Kontakt: Adrian Muntean,



Current postgraduate-level courses given at Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Science:

NAMA006: Advanced course in the calculus of variations, autumn 19 - spring 20

NAMA001: Spectral theory, spring 20 (also given as master's course, MATP99)