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WAFO toolbox is updated


WAFO is a toolbox of Matlab routines for statistical analysis and simulation of random waves and random loads. WAFO is freely redistributable software, see WAFO licence, cf. the GNU General Public License (GPL). It is available on this website and it is included in the wafo-project on GitHub, where also support for Octave is available, as well as a Python version. WAFO contain tools for:

Fatigue Analysis

·         Fatigue life prediction for random loads

·         Theoretical density of rainflow cycles

Sea modelling

·         Simulation of linear and non-linear Gaussian and non-Gaussian waves

·         Estimation of seamodels (spectrums)

·         Joint wave height, wave steepness, wave period distributions


·         Extreme value analysis

·         Kernel density estimation

·         Hidden markov models

For more information, see the page about WAFO.