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Erik Wahle'n. Photo.

Senior university lecturer and researcher at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences Erik Wahlén has been awarded the grant for his project: From water waves to fusion – mathematical analysis of steady ideal...[more]


Dronepicture over restaurant outdoor environment

Social distancing AI in the era of COVID-19[more]


Filip Elvander nailing his PhD thesis

On Tuesday 19th of May 2020, Filip Elvander nailed his PhD Thesis titled "Modeling and Sampling of Spectrally Structured Signals".[more]


The Öresund seminar is an important source of inspiration and exchange for mathematicians in the Öresund region. During the afternoon of December 11 the Centre for Mathematical Sciences is visited by among others Björn Gustafsson...[more]


Yolanda Vásquez from Panama was recently interviewed by a Panamanian TV news channel, since there are very few women interested in mathematics. She is a PhD student of Raimund Bürger, Concepción, Chile, and Stefan...[more]


On September 16, Wafaa Assaad nailed her thesis: Superconductivity in the presence of magnetic steps. [more]


On Tuesday 10th of September 2019 Rachele Anderson has nailed her PhD Thesis titled "Statistical inference and time-frequency estimation for non-stationary signal classification".[more]


On Tuesday 3rd of September 2019 Carl Åkerlindh has nailed his PhD Thesis titled "Simulation and Estimation of Diffusion Processes".[more]


On Tuesday 27th of August 2019 Unn Dahlén has nailed her PhD Thesis titled "Statistical Modelling Of CO2 Exchange between Land and Atmosphere - Using Stochastic Optimisation and Gaussian Markov Random Fields" .[more]


The honorary prize which is awarded an employee or a group of employees that has eased the studies for students or has worked on strengthening the student voice. This year the honorary prize is awarded AnnaMaria Persson at the...[more]


On Wednesday, August 21st the world-renowned mathematical physicist, Prof. Barry Simon, will visit Lund University and give a colloquium talk entitled "Tales of Our Forefathers". The talk will take place in the...[more]


Erasmus International Credit Mobility (ICM) programme offers an opportunity to exchange students between Lund University, Mathematical center and Moscow state University, department of Mechanics and Mathematics. [more]


Följ med professor Sandra Pott in i ekvationernas värld! På ett helt uppslag i senaste numret av LUM presenteras hennes väg från årskurs sju i hemstaden i Tyskland till hennes nuvarande professur i matematik vid Lunds...[more]


Last Friday, we thanked Gudrun Gudmundsdottir, who is retiring, for working 25 years at the department!   She has also been the head/vice head for more than 10 years.   We wish her good luck in the future.


On Monday 24th of September 2018 Fatemeh Mohammadi has nailed her PhD Theses titled "Construction of Adaptive Multistep Methods for Problems with Discontinuities, Invariants, and Constraints" [more]


On Tuesday 11th of September 2018 Vladimir Pastukhov has nailed his PhD Theses titled "Order restricted inference over countable preordered sets. Statistical aspects of neutron detection."[more]


On Tuesday 4th of September 2018 Fioralba Ajazi has nailed her PhD Theses titled "Random geometric graphs and their applications in neuronal modelling"[more]


The network for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Lund University (AIML@LU) is a faculty wide platform for research, education and innovation in the area. A first (kick-off) workshop will be held on May 29. The...[more]


On Wednesday 18th of April 2018 Erik Bylow has nailed his PhD Theses with title "Optimization Methods for 3D Reconstruction: Depth Sensors, Distance Functions and Low-Rank Models"[more]


Den snabba utveckling som nu sker inom automatisering och digitalisering och en stor del av de framsteg som görs inom forskningen bygger på enorma mängder data. För att kunna nyttja all information de ger krävs avancerad...[more]

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