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The mathematics education council

MUR is the mathematics education council, also called Matematiker utan randvillkor (Mathematicians without boundary conditions). We are students studying mathematics, and the board are elected by the students, and are here to improve the mathematics education here at Lund University. MUR represent mathematics, mathematic statistics, and numerical analysis.

The education Council's mission is to improve the education in mathematics at Lund University by encoring that the courses keeps a good quality, that we have a good environment for studying, that we get our rights as student fulfilled and to ensures that students are respected. We’re also a link between the students and the lecturers and staff at the institution.

Besides what’s been mentioned, we also have social events to improve the cohesion between the mathematicians. We deal with everything from inspirational lectures and alumnus presentation days to coffee evenings, dinners and we also cooperate with the other education councils in LUNA.

MUR is part of LUNA, which is the student union in natural science. Altogether there are six education councils, divided between the different institutions.

Positions in different committees:

  • The board of the department of mathematics
  • The Committee of bachelor and master level studies
  • The representative college
  • The equality and equal treatment committee
  • The board of libraries
  • The student safety officer