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PhD Student Day

The PhD student day will take place in Lund on March 16. It will start with breakfast at the Centre of Mathematical Sciences about 10.15.

Preliminary program

10.15    Breakfast at the Centre of Mathematical Sciences

11.15    Study visit at CellaVision

13.00    Lunch

14.30    Study visit at Spiideo

After the visit at Spiideo we take the train to Ystad. The easiest way is to buy the tickets in the ticket vending machine at the central station when we get there.

About the companies

CellaVision analyze blood samples automatically and among other things count blood cells and make a pre-classification of the cells. Their products are used on several hospitals.

Spiideo is a quite young company. The main focus now is to record and track athletes during training and competition. During the study visit we will be able to test their system so bring shoes you can run in.



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