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Women in mathematical sciences

We are a group open for all, with focus on female students, PhD students and academic staff.

We organize around two evening events each term with invited speakers which cover different topics that are interesting for women studying or working with mathematical sciences.

Coming events:  Click here for the calendar event and here for the facebook event.

  • May 8-15, 2019: An exhibition in the foyer of the MH building about Maryam Mirzakhani, the only female Fields medalist so far. It is part of the May 12th initiative to celebrate women in mathematics. Remember Maryam Mirzakhani is an exhibition with 18 original posters. This exhibition opened at the (WM)², the World Meeting for Women in Mathematics, and remained open during International Congress of Mathematicians 2018. Curator: Thais Jordao. Designer: Rafael Meireles Barroso.

Surrounding events (taking place in Hörmandersalen):

  • Wednesday, 8th of May, 15:15-15:45: Opening of the exhibition
  • Thursday, 9th of May, 18:00-20:00: Movie night "Hidden Figures". Click for the calendar event here
  • Monday, 13th of May, 15:15-16:15: Popular talk with Milagros Izquierdo, Linköping University. Topic: Mathematics of Maryam Mirzakhani. Click for the calendar event here
  • Wednesday, 15th of May, 15:15-16:30: Closing with popular research talks, Click for the calendar event here

All events are free of charge and open for all except of the movie night, this is only for staff and students at Lund University.

Past events:

Contact: Sara Maad Sasane


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